Happy release Day! What they say about Thirsty Sea

“Thirsty Sea” is out today! Il romanzo di Erica Mou nella traduzione inglese di Clarissa Botsford è da oggi disponibile in tutte le librerie in UK e store online. You can also order it on Héloïse Press website.
The author is waiting for you tonight (17 May) at Waterstones Canterbury and on Thursday (19 May) at Waterstones Gower Street in London!

What they say about Thirsty Sea:

Some of the most candid and noble writing in recent memory.” (Asymptote)

“An astounding debut. Erica Mou creates beauty out of sadness.” (What I Think About When I Think About Reading)

“A fresh young talent now made available to the English-speaking world, Erica Mou is one to watch.” (BookBlast)

“This is what forms the bedrock of Thirsty Sea – to find and be one with your own self.” (Feminism in India)

“I gobbled up Thirsty Sea ravenous for its freshness, wit and surprising language. A poetic, rhythmic and powerful tale of guilt. Thirsty Sea is a magnificent, compelling debut by Erica Mou in Clarissa Botsford’s masterful translation.” (Nataliya Deleva)

But though unflinching and unsentimental, this rawness –call it flawed-ness- is also deliciously subversive, a counter to all the restrictive norms dictating what women protagonists, and women generally, should be.” (Laura Allsop)